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Components of an emerald ash borer management plan

The following is a list of components found in a management plan for emerald ash borer (EAB). Depending on the organization, a comprehensive written plan may be required, or the plan may be very simple and brief. Regardless, think about your objectives, approach to managing infested trees, strategy for implementation of the approach, and budget. Be prepared to regularly re-evaluate and adapt the plan as new information becomes available.

1. Background
This section describes the circumstances and the potential impact of EAB on the property. If the plan is a public document or if it is going to be used to obtain funding for an EAB management program this section is usually included in the written plan.

2. Goals and objectives
What outcome(s) do you hope to achieve? Examples include:

  • Minimize costs
  • Mitigate liability and public risk
  • Maintain shade benefits of trees

3. Management plan
Outlines the decisions about ash tree management. This section could contain:

  • A plan for inventorying trees on the property
  • Any plans for surveying for EAB
  • Priorities, and a plan of of action:
    • Trees to be treated with insecticide (how many, how will they be chosen, what insecticide will be used, when will treatment start)
    • Tree removals (when will they be removed, by whom)
    • Replanting (will removed ash trees be replaced, when, with what)

4. Implementation
Describes who will oversee the plan and who will do the work.

5. Budget
Details how much the plan will cost per year to implement.

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